Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2015 Bolivia Part III - Final Dispatch and Photos

Richard Riquelme


Greg Castle
Tim Watson

From Richard:

" Here are some pics from our last 3rd part in Bolivia. This time illimani did not allow us to get to the summit. Weather has got very wintery here all the sudden.

White out with high winds, snow, hail, rain, & thunder storms are some of the reasons to turn around from high camp to basecamp.

Everyone is safe & sound & happy to have the experience, but happier to be back in La Paz as well since a great storm hit the area big time today & night.

Today Sunday is my last day in La Paz and I'll be cleaning & preping gear for next year season. I'll be flying back home on Monday early morning.

Thank you very much to everyone for following our adventures around this beatiful country big in contrast that is Bolivia while making new friends & climbing mountains.

Until next time.

Over & out."

Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 Bolivia Part II -September 4th, Dispatch #9

Richard Riquelme


Greg Castle
Tim Watson

Richard called in from basecamp (4500m) this afternoon with an update of the past few days.

Yesterday morning the team moved up to High Camp (5500m) to make a summit attempt on Illimani. Throughout the day and evening Richard checked on the forecast for an optimal weather window to head out,  but the blizzard like conditions did not let up long enough to safely make the bid for the summit. This morning the team made the decision to move back down to basecamp.

Upon arrival, Hildago was waiting for the team with warm food and beverages and everyone was happy to return to the mild temperatures at the lower elevation.  They are all now resting and exploring the areas around camp.

On Saturday the arrieros will come with the llama team and everyone will pack up and head back to van to be taken back to La Paz.

Everyone is feeling great and enjoying their last few days in Bolivia!

Follow the climbers here: AAI Bolivia Expedition

Thursday, September 3, 2015

2015 Bolivia Part II -September 2nd, Album #2

Email from Richard:

"We start in Tiwanaku Arqueological site which include Puma Punku then our base camp in the Condoriri Group area in where we climb Austria Peak, Tarija, & Pequeño Alpamayo, & then we hike to a little hill over the valley to the south for great views of Huayna Potosi to then travel and climb it (Huayna Potosi)

Benito is our local mountain guide & sous-chef
Hidalgo is our local Chef & chief driver
Diego has been the assistant driver"