Monday, August 2, 2010

Leaders of Tomorrow: Dispatch #1

Leaders of Tomorrow - Teenage Climbing Program
July 29-August 11
Guide: Angela Seidling
Climbers: Holden G. and John P.

Angela was able to get her Blackberry to work from Mount Baker this morning. As such, she sent us the following dispatch via email:

"Last Thursday after finishing up with our gear check, trip to the grocery store and one final stop at REI, we were finally off to the south side of Mt. Baker. We arrived at out base camp (an area known as Sandy Camp located at 5900') at around 4pm and settled in. Holden and John both stomped out platforms in the snow to set up camp.

We woke up to beautiful weather on Friday and the day was dedicated to 'snow school.' We ascended and descended mellow and steep snow slopes, practiced self arrest and glissading, built snow anchors, and learned a variety of techniques for belaying and rapelling in snow.

Saturday we focused on roped team travel and ice skills on the Easton Glacier. It started sprinkling in the afternoon, just as we began the steep ice climbing. Those sprinkles turned to rain within the hour, so we hustled back to camp to keep ourselves from getting soaked.

Yesterday we were up at 2am and headed out of camp at 3:15. We summited Mt. Baker at 8:45am, but only stayed on the summit for about 15 minutes due to a very cold wind. We were above the clouds all day, but unfortunately our views were hindered by smoke from forest fires. We were back in camp relaxing by 11:30 in the morning.

This morning we're about to head out onto the Easton Glacier to jump into crevasses...oops...I mean, learn crevasse rescue techniques! This afternoon we'll be hiking out and should be in Marblemount (and cell phone service) by early evening.

Holden says, 'Mom, thanks for the knees!'"

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