Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition #6: Dispatch 7 – Summit Climb of Cotopaxi Successful

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition

February 18 to March 4, 2011
Climbers: Sam Kisson, Robert Gay, Tom O’Connell, Dennis Uhlir, Matt Donnelly
Lead Guide: Benno Schlauri
Assistant Guide: Ramiro Garrido

February 27, 2011
Benno called at 7:32 am Ecuador and US Eastern time with this message:
"Hello.  This is Benno and the team calling from the summit of Cotopaxi!
Every body did it!  We are all here.  And we climbed it in quite fast time.  It was only 6 hours 15 minutes from the hut.  I am very impressed by these guys!

We are really happy.  Everyone is well acclimatized and feeling good here on the summit.  Conditions are perfect.  

[It sounded really windy on the recording, and it was a little difficult to understand some of the message.]

OK.  We're going to enjoy ourselves up here for a little bit and then head back down the glacier to the hut.  We'll call again later.  

Ciao ciao from the summit!"


Bob Gay said...

Bob, We followed your climb again, although only the end, we can't stay up all night like your team! Looked like an awesome mountain your guys climbed. Good work! Glad the volcano didn't decide to go active! Searched pictures of Cotopaxi, looks like an amazing mountain. Hope you are filming some clips and photos! Stay safe. Love, dad

lisa said...

Bob, Bravo to all! Your crew flew up Cotopaxi. I could not believe you all were up on top when I checked Sunday AM. Get some rest and relax. Love, Mom