Friday, December 28, 2012

#7 - Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - Dec. 14th- 28th, 2012

Climber: Michael Radin (Lynnwood, WA)

Guide: Jose (Pepe) Landazuri

Pepe called on Dec. 27th with the following dispatch: "Michael and I went up to the hut on Chimborazo and encountered the first cloudy weather of the trip. When it cleared partially, we inspected the route and found that is was very icy and that there was too much rock fall.

Together we decided it was best to not make the climb. So we headed to Baños to enjoy the hot springs. This is a warmer climate. The town is on a river which cuts one of the routes down to the Amazon. It's a warmer climate here and very nice. Today [Thursday] we are going to drive back to Quito and possibly climb Rucu Pichina in the afternoon or Friday morning.

We are sorry not to try Chimborazo, but we are very happy to have succeed on two of our three goals. We are definitely having a good time! It has been very beautiful in Baños. That's all the news for now except that we are eating very well.."

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