Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Denali Team 3 - Dispatch 3

Trip Dates: May 18 - June 7, 2014

Aidan Loehr
Shelby Carpenter
Ian McEleney

Team Members:
Paul Bunn
Grazyna Machnik
Brett Martin
Nancy Rodriguez 
Dominic Saul
Salima Shafi 
Roy Wells 

Update Received: May 20, 2014. 8:48am PST. Shelby updates us that Team 3 has moved up to Camp 1 at the base of Ski Hill.  The wind was tough, but the team worked hard pulling their sleds up the glacier.  Despite the 50 MPH winds, the snow up to Camp 1 was in excellent condition and relatively free of crevasse hazards.  Once set up in the new camp, the team tucked into their warm tents enjoyed hot drinks and a comforting mashed potato dinner.

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan!
Here at the family farm in Charlottesville we see you far away, living the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Thomas Jefferson, our neighbor, would have been thrilled by the unique ways you have found to use the freedom he helped create. Congratulations not only to you, but your fellow climbers as well! You-all are a bunch of special people to undertake the Denali experience. Enjoy your companionship! . . . love, Mom and Pops