Thursday, July 3, 2014

AMTL Part 3: Picket Traverse - Dispatch 1

Trip Dates: June 29 - July 10, 2014

Alasdair Turner

Claysn Studer
Samuel Boyce

Update Received: July 3, 2014. 3:15pm PST. Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership (AMTL) Part 3: Picket Traverse. Today the group checked in at the ranger's station at 8:00am before heading out to catch the boat at Ross Lake. After a quick ferry, they began their hike around 10:30am and were about 11 miles up the trail at the time they called in the dispatch. The plan is to go about 6.5 more miles to Whatcom Pass where they will set up camp for the night. 

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