Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 Lamoshe Skills Expedition - Dispatch 2

Lamoshe Skills Expedition - Sichuan, China

October 20 - November 2, 2015

Chad Cochran

Jose Recio
Jean Dominique Perret
Mitchell Dow Williams

The traditional Tibetan town of Tagong is a short drive from Kangding.

Photo by Colin Overy

Email from Chad received 10/22/2015

Good afternoon

Today we woke up to slightly cloudy skies above Kangding illuminating the fall colors in the mountains here. We enjoyed a small breakfast at our hotel before setting out to travel around town exploring the mix of Chinese and Tibetan culture found in western Sichuan. There are several Buddhist monasteries in town and in the surrounding hill sides. Before we enjoyed some local Tibetan food we visited one of the monasteries right up the street from our hotel. The buildings were brightly painted in a vibrant rainbow of color adorned with gold flashing. This brought life to the otherwise solemn tempo found with in the walls of the place of worship. After lunch we hiked up the hill side above town to gather some amazing views of the river valley below and help with our acclimatization. By this time most of the clouds had cleared and we were able to see some of the larger snow capped peaks and ridges that Kangding lays gateway to.

In the evening we were lead by our escort to a small family restaurant serving traditional Sichuan food. Over our last meal in civilization we were able to discuss our plans for the days to come.

Tomorrow we leave for the Lamoshe, only a 25 km drive from town. The road is a newly winding path that will take us to our base camp near a lake fed by the glaciers on Lamoshe. We will spend several days there ferrying gear and acclimatizing further for our ascent.

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