Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Lamoshe Skills Expedition - Dispatch 4

Lamoshe Skills Expedition - Sichuan, China

October 20 - November 2, 2015

Chad Cochran

Jose Recio
Jean Dominique Perret
Mitchell Dow Williams

Email received November 1, 2015

Good evening,

Late last night I arrived back in Chengdu. As I mentioned before in my last correspondence we had to abort from our original objective due to the hazards of the approach (a large Boulder field where the movement skills of the group were not up to traversing the mike of exposure safely). I also recently got word that the approach coulier has a significant rock fall hazard and is more of a dodging game. We put multiple other options on he table for the rest of the trip including climbing some of the stunning alpine ridges that adjoin the valley base camp is in, trekking to a remote monetary at the base of gongs Shan, glacier and climbing skills, or going to Tagong a nearby Tibetan sanctuary that contains high alpine prairies.

Jose caught a cold when we moved up to our camp 1 and needed to rest a day or two. We spent the first day traversing one of the scenic alpine ridges above camp reaching a new high of the trip 4900 meters. The next day his cold took a turn for the worse and we rested in camp going over crevasse rescue and ascending a rope on a near by boulder. Our last day below Lamoshe we spent exploring a neighboring valley we could hike to from base camp. We hoped to reach a glacier that we could see from our previous venture but were turned around by time and a impending snow shower that dusted camp through the afternoon and evening. The following morning, October 31st we broke base camp and headed to a local Tibetan hostel that sported a glass room facing the mountains. The evening was spent with new friends enjoying traditional yak meat, various root vegetables, and yak butter tea. November 1st we parted ways and I headed back with the escort and interpreter to Chengdu.

Although we did not reach the summit we have experienced a remote and amazing section of Asia only wetting our taste buds for further adventures around these ancient lands.

I look forward to seeing you all on my return


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