Monday, November 7, 2016

2017 Ecuador Cayambe/Antisana Skills Expedition (November 4-18) - Dispatch 3

November 7th Dispatch
Randy Rainey
Mikko Lautala
Rasmus Mikkel Munter Lassen
Guide: Romel Sandoval

Hello Again!

We’re calling to let you know we had another perfect day. Today we hiked to the top of Gua Gua Pichincha. It’s 15,696 feet high (4784 meters), and everyone did really well with this next step to higher altitude.

Once again the weather was perfect, and we had excellent views of the whole central valley and most of the big peaks here in Ecuador. It was a little colder today and windy again, but everybody had the right clothing and could adjust and keep plenty warm. We spent three hours hiking up and two hours hiking down. Like yesterday we went at an easy pace, which is really helpful during this early stage of acclimatization. Mikko, Randy, and Rasmus are all in good shape but we aren’t rushing ourselves.

Mikko is going to add a comment:

This trip has been excellent. We are so lucky with the great weather, and today is was nice to see the big peaks we will be climbing. We are having a good time! Here’s Romel again:

Now we are heading for a Hacienda Guachala below Cayambe which will be our first big climb. We so we are looking forward to being out in the countryside on the lower slopes of Cayambe. The hacienda is a very comfortable place to stay – it’s nice atmosphere – and the food there is terrific.

More news tomorrow if we can make the connection. We’ll be traveling to the hut on Cayambe at 15,250 feet (4648 meters). It will be an interesting day, as we’ll be going through some little villages that are typical of the settlements in the foothills of the northern Andes.

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