Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Aconcagua Team 1 (Dec 18, 2016 - Jan 7, 2017) from Dec 29th


Chad Cochran
Andy Stephen


Andrew Zuehlke
Arliene Pearson
Brandon Kwasnik
Corin Kwasnik
David Atkinson
Jim Swauger
Nicole Brockmueller

From AAI Climber Nicole Brockmueller...

"Today was the type of day that will keep us coming back to the mountains – Our chefs (guides) spoiled us all day… Pancakes with pears & walnuts for breakfast, quesadillas for lunch, and pasta & cookies for dinner – combine that with great temps, sunshine and glorious Scenery – basically, you have the best “rest day ever”! Though we likely have some “tent days” coming up (higher wind speeds forecasted We are all in good spirits & in a great position to wait the weather out. :) – Nicole"

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