Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Ecuador Cayambe/ Antisana Skills Expedition (December 1 - 10, 2017) Dispatch 1

December 3rd Dispatch:

Climbers: Jason Sloan and Lara Kelly

Guide: Fredy Tipan

Fredy called Sunday evening to let us know how the first couple days of the Expedition has gone:

“Yesterday I with met Jason and Lara, a great couple from San Francisco. We are looking forward to doing some great acclimatization hikes over the next few days before climbing Cayambe and Antisana.

We had a really nice chat in the morning when we reviewed the program and gear to make sure we were all set, and after that we left for a little day trip out to Papallacta. Were had planned to do a city tour (which is good acclimatization in itself because we are at 9500 feet here) but Jason and Lara wanted to see some countryside. So went headed out to Papallacta, which is a very pretty town that is also well known for its hot springs.

We went on a short hike and after the hike, Jason and Lara enjoyed some time in the hot springs. So yesterday was a great day to start acclimatization processes, with a good level of easy activity but not too much. it was just right!

Today we hiked Pasachoa (13,776 ft / 4198 m). We met at 8 am after breakfast and drove 1.5 hours to the trailhead. It only took us 3 hours round trip climbing to the summit and hiking down. Lara and Jason are doing really well and are very fit and strong. And both appear to be acclimatizing quickly.

I will call you tomorrow and let you know how our next hike goes.”

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