Thursday, December 12, 2019

2019 Ecuador Cotopaxi Skills and Chimborazo Expedition (Trip 12: Nov. 30 - Dec. 14, 2019) Dispatch 3

Ecuador High Altitude Trip Report

Guide: Jose Salazar

Jeremy B., Ian B., Anthony Q., Samantha D., Matt B., John C., and Christopher A.

December 12, 2019

Samantha called the AAI headquarters with the following report about the team's Cotopaxi Climb:

Hello again,

We are calling to report that we had such a great climb on Cotopaxi! The weather was excellent and our whole team was feeling very strong.

We had a really nice rest day after the ascent of Cayambe with a night at a mountain lodge. It's so beautiful here and the day before the climb was pretty easy too. All we had to do was pack our gear up to the hut on the side of Cotopaxi which took about 45 minutes.

We went to bed early and then got up at 11pm so we could start our climb at midnight. We wanted to climb in the coldest part of the night to have the best snow conditions on the glacier.

Some of the group was ready more quickly than the others, and with multiple guides, we were able to split groups so that the faster climbers didn't have to wait around.

This worked out perfectly so each group could move at their own pace. The weather remained good, and the conditions on the glacier were excellent.

It's exciting to report that the entire team made it to the summit by 7am. It was wonderful to all be there together. It was beautiful up there – an amazing, deep crater and excellent views of Ecuador's other big peaks – and it was a really good accomplishment to share!

After reaching the summit, we descended back down to the hut and then headed back to Tambopaxi Lodge, where they enjoyed some delicious, warm food.

That's our news!!


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