Friday, June 7, 2013

Denali Team 4 2013 -Dispatch 8

Denali Team 4: May 26 to June 15

Guides: Higinio (Quino) Gonzalez, Chad Cochran
Climbers:  Dominic Renshaw, Paul Greenan, Aaron Sabo, Jorge Vargas, Will Johnson, James King, Fredson Bowers, Colin Gailey

Chad Cochran called at 10:56pm PST on June 7th with the following dispatch:


Marie Gallagher said...

Hi James and team 4,

Good to hear from you!!
Glad everything is going well and everyone is feeling strong at this stage. I hope the weather behaves now until you reach that summit.

Stay safe and hurry home.

Love and miss you loads,

Marie x

Unknown said...

Venga el summit push! Que todo salga bien.

Success on your last leg of big climb!
Abrazo desde México!
Miguel e Isa

Anonymous said...

Yay Chad! Glad to hear you made it higher! Made it to beautiful Peru and we're heading into the mountains on Monday. Hope to hear your good news soon! Love you and miss you! -kp

Jane Gealy said...

Hi Dom

Everyone is following your progress with huge anticipation.

Good luck to everyone in team 4 as you push for the summit - you know you can do it!

Keep safe, and warm. So proud of you and missing you loads.

Lots of love

Jane x

Anonymous said...

Way to go Colin, we are following you with every dispatch. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your photos. Hope you remembered to take your camera.
Swiss branch of the Gailey family.

The Wards said...

Hi Fred and Team 4!
Keep up the great work! Let us know what it feels like on the highest peak in North America. Take lots of pictures.
Justin, Pam, Conrad, Austin and Zoe

Paul Johnson said...

Good luck Will.

We're all wishing you and the team a safe climb and descent.

You're 5th on the tipping and just won the yellow cap for the round. Quade didn't make the Wallabies. We're all celebrating.

See you soon.


jeanne ball said...

Congratulations Chad, Quino & Team 4! Heard a great rumor that you all made the summit and are headed down! Wonderful news!

Savor the flavor & safe returns!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Chad and team! Stay safe!
Love Aunt Lisa