Sunday, June 16, 2013

Denali Team 6 2013 - Dispatch 8

Denali Team 6: June 9 to June 29

Guides: Richard Riquelme, Andrew Stephen, Nate Furman
Climbers: Matthew Reiter, Ryan Melcher, George Foulsham, Luke Timmerman, Ralf Roddenhoff, Bryant Mangless, Bart Thedinger

Andy Stephen called on the evening of June 15th with the following dispatch. 


Unknown said...

Andy, George & team,

Sounds like you guys are doing great! That heat sounds tough though! Hope you get a cooler day for your move up to 14.

How are your desserts coming along Andy?

Best of luck, I'll be following your progress.

Go Team 6!!


Unknown said...
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