Monday, April 21, 2014

Mt. Everest Expedition 2014: Dispatch #14

April 21, 2014   

Everest Sherpa Support Donations 

American Alpine Institute and Adventure Consultants will be supporting the families of the three Sherpas who were part of the AAI/AC Everest Expedition affected by this tragedy, and if you would like to also contribute we will be sending donations directly to those families affected as part of our ongoing level of support. Contact us at to register your interest and we will liaise further with you regarding this.

The Himalayan Trust in New Zealand has launched an appeal to help the families of the Sherpa climbers impacted by this tragedy. Please click through to:
to add your contribution to this effort.

We support The Juniper Fund who are working in conjunction with and partnering with the American Alpine Club's Sherpa Support Fund to support them in allocating funds as part of their excellent effort to address this most recent incident on Everest. At The Juniper Fund they continue to work on the long term elements that affect local workers of the mountain based tourism industry. Please consider donations via either route – the American Alpine Club and The Juniper Fund.

The Juniper Fund

AAC Sherpa Support Fund

Thank you very much for the support of these Sherpa families who are affected and thank you for your care, concern and prayers. Our team at Base Camp has been integral in the rescue co-ordination effort that has occurred on the mountain since Friday as well as looking after and supporting each other while grieving for the loss of their team members, relatives and mates.

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