Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mt. Everest Expedition 2014: Dispatch #11

April 17, 2014    

Expedition Leader: Dean Staples, IFMGA – New Zealand 
Expedition Guide: Ang Dorjee Sherpa – Nepal/ USA 
Base Camp Manager: Caroline Blaikie – New Zealand / Scotland 

Team members: 
Nick Durack – UK
Yoshio Goto – Japan / Hong Kong 
Jake Frykberg – Australia
Jon Johnston – Australia / USA 
Anatolii Stegniei – Ukraine 
Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir – Iceland

Ladder Training and Resting at Base Camp 
Ladder training

Yesterday we spent sorting out our hardware that we would need to go through the ice fall then putting that into practice on a course that we set up out in the lower glacier straight out from camp.
Our course involved a horizontal ladder some steep jummaring and a steep rappel plus some arm or Sherpa rappelling something we will spend most of our time doing as it is the fastest way down the mountain.
Yoshio arm rappeling
Today we have been resting in Base camp 

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