Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Denali Team 2 - Dispatch 12

Trip Dates: May 11-31, 2014

Andrew Yasso
Geoff Lodge

Team Members: 
Selina Dicker
Mikkel Lier
Mark Smith
Adam Torrens
Amy Wise

Update Received: May 20, 2014. 3:27pm PST.  Mother nature blessed Team 2 with a beautiful day after the challenging wind.  Still at Camp 3, team members spent their day drying out gear, retrieving their cache, and practicing fixed line skills.  Team 2 bumped into Team 1 and saw them off to high camp. They hope to remain right on their tail.

Photos courtesy AAI Collection. 


Unknown said...

This is very exciting to listen to Amy Wise and Team. I just finished "Bradford Washburn's" account of his summit and what an amazing adventure you are following. Have a great day on those fixed lines!

Patty Wise

Anonymous said...

Glad your weather Improved. So proud of You Amy! Maggie

Anonymous said...

Go Amy!!! I've been listing to all the Pod Casts. You're so amazing!! ~Robyn