Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 Denali Team 2 - Dispatch 17

Trip Dates: May 11-31, 2014

Andrew Yasso
Geoff Lodge

Team Members: 
Selina Dicker
Mikkel Lier
Mark Smith
Adam Torrens
Amy Wise

Update Received: May 25, 2014. 7:50pm PST. Selina serves up this evening's dispatch with a bit of good news; the predicted snow storm with 45 MPH winds ended up not being much more than a dusting. Although the storm didn't come, it is still too cold to safely move up to High Camp. Better weather is forecasted in the days to follow.

We didn't know that Guides Andrew and Geoff were such book worms, but Selina informs us that they have stolen her Kindle, and are now enjoying the 50 Shades of Gray Trilogy. And the big excitement of the day is that Andrew has completed his pull-up pit and declares he can do 12 pull-ups at altitude....seeing is believing though. Pull-up Wars tomorrow!

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 

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Anonymous said...

Amy, sorry I missed your call last night... I was asleep early after spending the weekend in the Sierras. I hope the weather cooperates with you guys; by now you'll already have decided to go or not.

Can't wait to see you.