Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Ecuador Volcanoes, Illiniza and Antisana, February 13-22, 2015 Dispatch #3

Ecuador Volcanoes, Illiniza and Antisana,  February 13-22, 2015

Guide: Romel Sandoval

Climbers: Brian L., Eric M., Darrell A., Jens M.February 23, 2015

Romel and the team called Sunday with the following news:

“Hello this is Romel calling to report that we had a great success on Antisana. We summited at about 8 am in perfect weather and ideal climbing conditions on the glacier.

“After a day off on Thursday, on Friday we had another easy day and drove to our basecamp for Antisana. We got there at about noon and had lunch and had dinner at 6 pm. We got up at 10 pm, drove about an hour to the base of the mountain, and we started climbing at midnight.

“Here is Brian with some more details.”

“Hey this is Brian happy to report that we had a great climb and enjoyed summiting Antisana. It was an excellent climb. The lower glacier was bare ice, then we had a couple of hours of steepening snow.

“Well up the mountain we encountered a series of steep steps which our guides belayed us on. It was good climbing. The snow was good and hard, and the cramponing was excellent. Above the steep sections we had more moderate snow climbing on the way to the summit.

“It was perfectly clear and we saw all the major peaks, plus several lesser volcanoes that were smoldering and had good plumes. One was Tungarahua. And we got good views of Chimborazo. It was way in the distance but you can tell it’s huge.

“We spent about 20 minutes on top. It was nice there, but the sun was warming the snow up and we wanted to get down before if was real soft.

“We’re spending the night in Quito and looking forward to another good meal at one of the restaurants on our list to visit. Eric is leaving, so we want to celebrate together what we’ve accomplished and have a few cervesas.  

"The rest of us who are staying are excited about heading to Chimboarzo to see what we can do there. We’ll keep you posted.”

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