Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Denali Team 4, Dispatch 6

Expedition Dates: May 24th - June 13th 

Dispatch 6 received June 4th

Paul Ivaska
Jared Drapala
Jeremy Devine

Josh Skibba
Candice Creecy
Steve Jacobs
Guy Manning
John Moorhouse
Arrak Bhattacharyya
Ben Magid
Anis and Shahrom

Assistant guide Jeremy Devine called in this afternoon with reports for Team 4 on Day 12.

They attempted to make a cache on the West Buttress above the fixed lines, but the accumulating snow and strong winds caused an early turn around back down to 14 Camp and leaving their cache at 15,200ft.

They will possibly attempt again tomorrow or the next.

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