Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015 Denali Team 6 - Dispatch 12

Expedition Dates: June 7 to June 27, 2015

Dispatch 12 received June 18th. 


Andrew Yassso
Andy Stephen
Tad McCrea​


Mark Styczynski
Fiona Yard
Damien Roland Smith
Ross Veltman
Boris Lerner
Roman Meck
Richard Wilson

Team 3 took a rest day after their cache placement yesterday above the Fixed Lines. After a leisurely morning of sleeping in, and eating a hearty breakfast they will take a walk over to the "Edge of the World" for some photo opportunities. The plan is to move up to High Camp on Friday to take advantage of the great weather window predicted for the next few days.


Unknown said...

Good luck to Mark and the team on their final push to the summit! Everyone back home is holding their breath!

Unknown said...

Keep up the amazing work, team six, your momentum is incredible! So glad to hear folks are crushing it (it's giving me inspiration to crush the three job interviews I just landed. Wishing you all the fairest skies for your summit day attempt and descent. Stay warm, be good to each other, and be safe!!! Love, Kyle

Unknown said...

Good luck guys its tina xoxox

Unknown said...

Good Luck with the summit and stay safe everyone!