Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Bolivia La Paz Trek - August 18th, Dispatch #1


Richard Riquelme


Greg Castle
Tim Watson
John Salisbury

Lead Guide Richard Riquelme called in yesterday evening (Aug 17th) for the first dispatch.

"We are currently camped at 4,665m (15,305ft). Not a bad start to our trek. It took us about four and a half hours to get here. Everyone is doing great and has really, really high spirits. They are definitely tired, which is very normal for he first day of this trek. Adjusting to altitude and the unusually warm temperatures.

They are all taking a nap right now and are waiting for dinner to finish. We are in a very cool hut. It is warm and dry and has a great floor and is very comfortable.

We'll be here two nights. The weather has been fantastic which is uplifting as we had an entire week of rain before the trek began.

The open skies here are incredible. I am looking out at the Korean Rail in the distance and looking at several other peaks and it is just, wow, amazing.

We will move again after tomorrow to let people rest and get settled and hopefully the weather stays perfect. Thats all for now."

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