Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Bolivia La Paz Trek - August 20th, Dispatch #2


Richard Riquelme


Greg Castle
Tim Watson
John Salisbury

Lead Guide Richard Riquelme called in yesterday afternoon (Aug 19th) for the second dispatch.

Tuesday they headed out and hiked past the beautiful alpine Wuichi Cota Lake nestled in at about 15,889' and then continue on to our next camp. They made a little detour due to the wind and snow but were still able to get to the next hut with plenty of time to relax and continue to acclimatize. On Thursday they will hike out and return to Lap Paz.

Richard says everyone is feeling like they are getting over the earlier effects of the altitude and are starting to settle into life in the Andes.

Follow the trekkers here: AAI Bolivia Expedition

Note: Photos from the pre-trek tour of La Paz have been added to the dispatch blog as well. Be sure to check those out!

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