Friday, May 12, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 1 (May 7 - 27) Dispatch 5


Tad McCrea
Philip "Britt" Ruegger
Jared Drapala


Uli Meyer
Matthias Mueller
Irene Hartman
Beatrice Hirschi
Marianne Schnider
Hubery Schurch
Helmut Stadmuller
Martin Stappung
Alois Fuchs

Lead guide Tad McCrea called in to let us know that the team has successfully made it to Camp 2 (11,200ft).

They enjoyed a good dinner of chicken curry and vegetables prepared by AAI guide Britt Ruegger. The team is in very high spirits and happy to be moving up the mountain. They will back carry today picking up their cache that they left around 10,000ft.

You can join us by wishing Tad McCrea a Happy Birthday! He turns 32 today. Not a bad location to be celebrating a birthday

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