Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 3 (May 21- June 10)


Andrew Yasso
Will Gordon
Calvin Morris


Anya Jones
Dave Nelson
Deanna Brubaker
Greg Andersen
Igor Kropotov
Janet Joy Lee
Karen Nelson
Renaye Dickerson
Rhiannon Brey

Lead guide Andrew Yasso called in. The team is still hunkered down at Camp '1.8' (9800') due to some unfavorable weather. The plan is to make a push for Camp 2 tomorrow, wile taking every safety precaution possible. Andrew articulated that weather is part of climbing, and when the weather is good the team will climb and when it isn't the team will rest. Today was another rest day. However motivation is high and the team is eager and excited for the push to Camp 2.

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