Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 Aconcagua Expedition (Jan 8 - 29) form Jan 10th


Tad McCrea


Carlyle Eubank
Winchester Eubank
Jeffrey Gephart
John McCrea

The Aconcagua expedition is working to get back on schedule after a baggage delay in Mendoza.

Our friends have left Penitentes and are on their way to Papa de Lenas. It's roughly a 7 mile trek through the low lands approaching the big mountain. Fortunately, there's only about 1,300ft of elevation gain. 

With the support of local mules (who carry the bulk of the weight) our climbers had light packs on their way to camp. We have undying gratitude for our four legged friends who work as our expedition partners.

The team plans to trek to Casa de Piedra tomorrow morning after a good breakfast.

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