Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 Aconcagua Expedition (Jan 8 - 29) from Jan 11


Tad McCrea


Carlyle Eubank
Winchester Eubank
Jeffrey Gephart
John McCrea

After some hard work (and no small degree of patience) the AAI Aconcagua team is back on it's original schedule.

The team made it to Papa de Lenas (9,330ft/2,844m) in good time and everyone did very well.

After a delicious breakfast of eggs with vegetables and cheese (Tad really likes cheese) they began the next part of the expedition, making the long 9 mile trek to Casa de Piedra (10,665ft/3,251m). From this camp, one can see the Polish Glacier on the giant mountain.

The plan for tomorrow is trek into Aconcagua Base Camp at 14,000ft!


Suzi said...

Long trek today but seeing the mountain must be awesome. Love, suzi

Suzi said...

Make memories and leave footprints. Love, Suzi