Friday, July 1, 2011

Denali Team 7: June 12 to July 2 Dispatch #14
Summit Success!

Denali Team 7: June 12 to July 2

Guides: Chantel Astorga, Mike Pond, and Mat Erpelding

Climbers: Leslie Brown (Washington), Darren Wise (Australia), Shane Pophfer (Australia), Khai Nguyen (California), Denis Levin (Australia), Andrew Sargant (Australia), Erik Akerberg (Sweden), Neill Johanson (Australia), and Dale Wagner (Utah).

Chantel called at 11pm on June 30th with this dispatch:

“Hi! This is Team Back on Track and On Schedule!!! We’re calling from High Camp. Mat, Mike, the rest of the team and I summited today! We left at 10am and got back to camp at about 10pm, so it was a 12-hour day. It was really cold – about -10F ujp high with some wind, but we had blue skies and great views. Everyone did awesome – what a super strong group! Tomorrow we’ll head down to 14,000 feet and get to Base Camp on Saturday, as scheduled! Erik wants to tell his Mom Happy Birthday. And that’s it, goodnight, we’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


Anonymous said...

Most excellent.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing job everyone. So proud of all of you.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to all


Anonymous said...

Well done everyone , great effort.Congratulations to you all.Denis

Anonymous said...

Wow, you dit it!!!!
Mom cried when reading birthday hallo :)
Can´t wait to see pictures.

/all the family in Sweden

Henrik Jonsson said...

Greetings fr.o.m. Sweden,Well done all of you!! ! Looking forward to see some pictures! kramar fr.o.m. Ă…rsta

Anonymous said...

WOW! team what a huge effort,you made it against all that the weather could try to do to stop you.Congratulations to you all,can't wait to see photos and hear about you all. Shane n Darrens supporters in Australia. said...

Hi Jen and Bill,
Eddie Bauer package came to day. Dad has been farming everyminute. He was ready to seed hay millet and tonight we got a big rain. So far know hail. We are really enjoying the news from Peppe. Hope yoou climb tomorrow. Tori says hi. Kelsie is now worried about what car she will drive to school. they are combining south of town, Mom and Dad