Thursday, July 7, 2011

Private Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - Dispatch #1

Private Ecuador High Altitute Expedition, Part 1
July 5th to July 14th, 2011

Climbers: Jennifer Peeks and William Barrera
Guide: Pepe Landazuri

Pepe called at 10:00 am with this dispatch:

"Hello! This is Pepe calling from Ecuador! Right now we are on the summit of Pasachoa. It is absolutely beautiful right now. We made perfect time and had perfect weather the entire way. We can see the summit of the other nearby peaks like Cotopaxi and Antisana. Yesterday, I didn’t call, but we went to the local market and the climbers had a great time. Tomorrow we plan to do another acclimatization hike on Gua Gua Pichincha." 


Suzanne Murray said...

Hey, Jenn and Bill! Glad the beginnings of your climb are going well. Be safe and have fun. Katie, Jim, and I leave for Lawrence for the qualifying track meet Friday and will be out until Monday. Good Luck,

Kate Zimmer said...

Hi Jenn and Bill!
So cool that you guys are doing this and even cooler that we can communicate so immediately!!!! Sounds like you are off to an adventurous and exciting start. I think about you every day and hope you are having a good climb!
Woody had an accident at the beach and mysteriously cut himself - 12 stitches inside and 12 staples outside. He's ok, though.....Eric is getting ready to go to camp. I've got all his gear lined up now and just have to pack it. We leave on Wednesday (13th) to go to DIA.
I'm swimming almost every day as we finally have gotten our hot Summer weather!!! LOVE IT!!!!! My mural is slowly coming along - about 6 feet done..... hope to get a lot done while Eric is away!!!
Take care and be safe!!! :) Love, Kate said...

Hi Jen andD Bill
We really enjoy hearing a bout your trip. Hope weather is good. It is getting closerto harvest weather. Dad had heart check up and alll was great. Until next time. Love, Mom and Dad said...

Hi Jen and Bill,
Kate has been trying to help get this message sent,4th try. We love to here abouut your travels. Dad had his heart checkup. It was all great. The harvesters are moving some machinerhy in. Still a longways off. Kelsie good and Tori is working too hard. Until next time. Love mom and dad

Rcuevas said...

Billy B sounds like you guys are tearing it up...must be Jenn who is keeping you on your toes..things are different here at the 69 people, bad plan. Take care and have fun. See you when you get back..Ray C