Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Private Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - Dispatch #5
At Cotopaxi hut Preparing for Summit Climb

Private Ecuador High Altitude Expedition 

July 5th to July 14th, 2011 

Climbers: Jennifer Peeks and William Barrera 

Guide: Pepe Landazuri

Pepe called at 5:40 Ecuador time (6:40pm Eastern time) with the following update.  We kept losing the connection, so the news is very brief.

“We are glad to tell you that the weather has turned perfect here.  We are at the Cotopaxi hut.  It’s 5:40 in the evening; we are going to eat at 6 o'clock, go to bed at 7, get up at 11, and begin our climb at midnight.

The weather is PERFECT!  It is sunny outside, and as the sun gets lower in the sky, it is very colorful here in Cotopaxi National Park.  Very beautiful.  And it is PERFECTLY clear!!!  Now we have a chance to try our best on this great mountain.  We can see the summit, and the mountain looks beautiful.”


Suzanne Murray said...

Jenn and Bill,
I am glad that the weather has cooperated and wish you luck! It is early in the morining here, 2:47 a.m., and I cannot sleep. So I read your post. I am thinking of you as you climb and wondering how it is climbing in the dark...


Kate Zimmer said...

Hi Jenn and Bill,
I am curious why you hike at midnight......I didn't realize you would be doing that....Glad to hear the weather has 'turned perfect'. I guess this might be the final push to the summit???

Got Eric off to camp - it was very hard to say goodbye for me......He looked nervous......There were about 12-15 kids in SFO from Marin, though, that were going to the camp!!!!!

Now it's time for me to focus on the mural.....

Great job!
Love, Kate