Friday, June 21, 2013

Denali Team 8 - Dispatch 1

Denali Team 8: June 18 to July 8

Guides: Ben Gardner, John Prud'homme, Kai Girard
Climbers:  Clair Morrissy, Marcus Hassler, Mike Dilworth, Marcos Bogado, Luis Antonio, Stefan Reinhold, Carlos Santalena, Karim Nseir, Patrick Montoyo, Kerry Herman, Fiona Muntz

Clair Morissy called at 7:03pm PST with the following dispatch:

Note: the label on this video is incorrect. This is Team 8, with trip dates: June 18th - July 8th. Subsequent videos will corrected.


The Pit Crew said...

Have an amazing climb. We're tippin a pint for blue skys, low winds and solid bridges.


hillbilly said...

Kerry - Mr. G, Mr. O, and I hope you have good weather and a safe climb. We all miss you. Have fun.


Unknown said...


Great to hear your voice! Very happy the missing coca was found; that's one comfort you should not have to do without on the side of a very cold mountain. Take care. We are rooting for you from London.

Brid and Petex

Unknown said...


Great to hear your voice. Very happy the coca has been found; that's one comfort you deserve on the side of a cold mountain.

Rooting for your from London.

Take care,
Brid and Pete x