Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 3 - June 23)


Andy Stephen
Calvin Morris
Seth White


Peter Fowler
Steve Maliszeski
Andrew Prunty
Tim Wright
Erik Beever
Vaughan Busby
Vincent Larivierre
Maria Conceicao
Bjarne Henningsen

From AAI Lead Guide Andy Stephen:

Yo yo yo this is team six checking in from the illustrious Camp 3 (14,200ft). Camp 3 was quiet today as spaceship clouds shrouded nearby peaks. Many teams on the mountain are going stir crazy as the High One is showing its strength. Team 6 is eating well and playing card games to stave off the boredom of being tent bound.

P.S. - Erik says hi to YY.

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