Friday, June 15, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 3 - June 23)


Andy Stephen
Calvin Morris
Seth White


Peter Fowler
Steve Maliszeski
Andrew Prunty
Tim Wright
Erik Beever
Vaughan Busby
Vincent Larivierre
Maria Conceicao
Bjarne Henningsen

Today Team 6 officially established Fort Knox at Camp 3 (14,200ft) in preparation for high winds and heavy snow this weekend. Vince miraculously held on to his uncanny stranglehold in cards, while our amazing team leader illustrated his excavation prowess in creating a more luxurious water closet- 14 ft underground, complete with a spiral staircase. Tim met his Vinson compadre, and Vince showed his masonry skills while still looking like a Canadian Fabio #lululemon. The team is patiently waiting for its chance to ascend the mountain safely. Team 6 wishes you all a good night!

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Carolyn Junta said...

Praying for you Erik and whole team.