Sunday, November 14, 2021

Ecuador 2021 Team 11 Cotopaxi Skills Expedition

Nov. 14, 2021

Guide: Ramiro Garrido

1. Whitney R 
2. Andrei T 
3. James N 
4. Scott B 
5. Richard W

Hello, this is Ramiro!

We are just finishing up the day here and we are now on our way to have dinner at a restaurant close to Ilatoa Lodge. We had a nice day with perfect weather. Not too sunny and not cold at all.

The hike took about 4 hours and we reached 4400+ meters and we had a lovely lunch near a lake.

Everyone is feeling great. And I will continue to send messages every day from the trip. This is from my side.



This is Whitney!

So, something to add, a cool thing about this day is the pantano. So we were walking through the pantano which is like a bog/marsh-type environment and I actually thought it was pretty neat because, instead of just walking on the street or a well manicured trail, we actually had to do a bit of problem solving, so “where am I going to put my foot next and not fall over and not completely step into waist-level mud” and I thought that was pretty neat.

See you later!!

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