Friday, November 19, 2021

Ecuador 2021 Team 11 Cotopaxi Skills Expedition

Nov. 19, 2021Guide: Ramiro Garrido

1. Whitney R
2. Andrei T
3. James N
4. Scott B
5. Richard W

Good evening,

Here is Cayambe’s attempt from today. You may know that we didn’t summit, in fact we didn’t leave the hut because there were no good conditions from the weather. The plan was to make two groups, first with Scott and Mauricio Beltran, mountain guide to leave at 23:00 and then the rest with Diego Zurita, another guide and myself.

However, yesterday, around 14:00, when we were back from practices on the glacier, the mountain weather changed quickly. It began to get cloudy, then a rain started and by midnight It became snowing, not super strong but continuously.

That type of weather complicated the visibility and began to charge the higher section of the mountain. So we waited, awake until 01:40 of today, and then I decided to go to bed and see the condition again at 04:00. At that time we got may be 10cm of snow around the refuge and was again wet precipitation. I decided, this time, not to wake up the team.

Today the mountain didn’t want us and we respect that; the group rested well the second night at 4600 m and we drive to Otavalo indigenous market to visit it and had lunch there. Now we are in Cotopaxi National Park area in beautiful place Los Mortiños lodge.

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