Monday, November 15, 2021

Ecuador 2021 Team 11 Cotopaxi Skills Expedition

Nov. 15, 2021

Guide: Ramiro Garrido 
1. Whitney R 
2. Andrei T 
3. James N 
4. Scott B 
5. Richard W
Hello! This is Ramiro!

It is now dark. It is night. I just wanted to tell you about today. It was a very nice day. The four of the five of the climbers summited Pasochoa today, 4260m. And it was a very nice and long hike from a different route than we typically climb Pasochoa. Was very enjoyable in the highland. The weather was great because it was kind of cloudy, so it was refreshing to hike in the shadow of the cloud. And We arrived just in time to get to the van again, escaping from the rain.

After we got in the van, there was thunder and lightning and a very hard rain on the way to the Lodge.

On the way to the lodge, we stopped at the supermarket to buy some stuff and stopped by the ATM.

Tomorrow we are heading to Rucu Pichinciha, higher elevation and more difficult than today’s hike. And after that , we are moving north for the first glacier mountain, Cayambe Volcano.

Okay that’s from my side today!

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