Monday, July 11, 2011

Private Ecuador High Altitude Expedition, Part 1 - Dispatch #3

Private Ecuador High Altitude Expedition, Part 1
July 5th to July 14th, 2011

Climbers: Jennifer Peeks and William Barrera
Guide: Pepe Landazuri

Pepe called at 5:30 pm Ecuador time July 10th with this dispatch:

"Hi! Good evening, this is Pepe calling from Ecuador. We traveled Saturday morning from Guachala farm to Cayambe and right now we’re in the Cayambe refuge. 

Jennifer, William, and I just had dinner, which was rice with turkey plus a potato–vegetable soup, and after dinner we had cookies.  We’re really eating well! 

Jennifer and William have had no problems with the altitude, and that's been making the climbing really easy for them. Yesterday we did some review of basic snow and glacier skills including different uses of the ice axe, different cramponing techniques, and procedures for traveling together as an effective rope team.  

It’s was a little wet in the afternoon, so we had to spend time last night drying our clothes and boots out.  The weather is windy and snowy, and of course we are hoping for a quick improvement.  We’re not going to climb tonight, but I think we’ll have a chance to try for the summit tomorrow night. Wish us luck!"

Pepe called Monday, July 11 at 1:00 am Ecuador time:

"We woke up a few hours ago with really snowy weather and it did not look like a good time to attempt Cayambe!  We were supposed to leave at midnight. We've waited it out, but the weather hasn’t changed and it’s been an hour. So, I think we’ll go back to bed and do something different tomorrow [Monday]. We’ll take another rest day and go to the hot springs or go to the market. I’ll call you again tomorrow."


Kate Zimmer said...

Jenn and Bill,

GREAT JOB!!!!! YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!!! Sounds like all that serious training you guys did has made for a very successful climb!!!! I try to imagine what you must be looking at each day - it must be stunning to look out over the tops of those mountains and it must feel as if you're on top of the world (for more than one reason)!!! I'm sure you're getting great photos!!

The mural is 8 feet complete - 6 feet more to go.....
Eric is packed and ready to go on Wednesday- I think he may even be getting excited --shhhhh :)
Woody is recuperating nicely - hates the cone.....

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Jenn and Bill,
It is exciting to hear of your climbs! I hope the snow abates so you can climb and get more pictures. I am so impressed that you two can actually do this!:)

The food you are eating sounds wonderful! I wish I could have the fresh avacados...

I like reading how careful your guide is about going up in snowy weather. I cannot even fathom snow now. Sunday it was 110 degrees here and today it is 96-first day it has been below 100 in over 10 days!:( So I could use a little snow and ice right now.