Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ecuador - High Altitude Expedition - Part 2 - November 2nd - 16th, 2012

Guide: Gaspar Navarrete

Climbers: Joel Dice, Jennifer Engelhardt

Gaspar called late Monday night with the following message:
"This is Gaspar calling from the slopes of Chimborazo.  People were understandably tired from the Cotopaxi ascent, so today we had an easy day.  After a good night's sleep and an easy morning, we drove to a lodge on the flanks of Chimborazo.  Oh I should tell you – we did some more horse back riding.  This team has done more horse back riding than I have ever experienced in past trips.  Being really fit of course helps a lot! 

Everyone is doing great.  Tuesday we are driving to the lower refuge on Chimborazo and then probably hiking to the upper hut.  Our team should be rested, and I know they are prepared for this big climb.

The mountain is in good condition right now, and we are very excited about that.  Everything is in good shape, and the weather looks like it will continue to be good.

I won't have good reception at the refuge so I will call when I can but I'm not making any promises when exactly that will be.  We will send you an update as soon as we are able to do so.  Bye for now!"

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