Monday, November 5, 2012

Ecuador - High Altitude Expedition - November 2nd - 16th

Guide: Gaspar Navarrete

Climbers: Joel Dice, Jennifer Engelhardt, Jennifer Hale, Joseph Hale

Guide Gaspar Navarrete called on November 3rd with the following dispatch:

"Today we went to the Otavalo Market. Saturday is the biggest day for this market, so we got a taste of all that it has to offer. There's a huge array of products - many for tourists but also all the fundamentals that are needed for life here, so it provides a good insight into culture and the traditional styl;e of life in Ecuador's countryside. Everybody enjoyed the market and did some shopping.

All of our team members are doing well and feeling strong, and after the market we went for a short hike to a waterfall. Today was a good start for everyone on their acclimatization, and I would say everyone is doing very well and feeling good.

In the evening we had a slide show and tomorrow we will be heading out to climb Pasachoa.

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