Monday, November 5, 2012

Ecuador - High Altitude Expedition - November 2nd - 16th

Guide: Gaspar Navarrete

Climbers: Joel Dice, Jennifer Engelhardt, Jennifer Hale, Joseph Hale

Guide Gaspar Navarrete called on November 5th at 7am with the following dispatch:

"Yesterday we had a good climb of Pasachoa (4200 meters / 13,780 feet), and everyone did very well. The weather has been great, so our views of the surrounding countryside and of some of the big peaks have been excellent. We're all enjoying ourselves a lot.

Last night we stayed at the Pichincha refuge, and we are heading up to climb Guagua Pichincha now. My reception is poor here right now so I don't want to say more. I will call you when we return this afternoon. Bye for now!"

Note to readers: If you would like to leave a message for a member of the group, enter it on this blog. The next time the team has internet access, they'll be able to read the messages. Also note that during the potions of the trip when they do not have internet access, and on those occasions when they call via satellite phone during business hours at our office, we will read the messages to them and take down and publish any they may have for you.

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Jason Keck said...

Good luck. I hope you enjoy a safe summit and an amazing view.