Monday, July 1, 2013

Denali Team 8 - Dispatch 7

Denali Team 8: June 18 to July 8

Guides: Ben Gardner, John Prud'homme, Kai Girard
Climbers:  Clair Morrissy, Marcus Hassler, Mike Dilworth, Marcos Bogado, Luis Antonio, Stefan Reinhold, Carlos Santalena, Karim Nseir, Patrick Montoyo, Kerry Herman, Fiona Muntz

Kerry Herman called at 2:52pm PST on July 1st with the following dispatch:

note: this video was taking a long time to load so if it doesn't work try back in 30 minutes.


Amy Wise said...

Hang in the there, Mike!

Your Pit Crew said...

Sounds like a great taste of De-gnarli last night, so envious of missing out on the fun! Wiggle and giggle.

Unknown said...


Hope you get the weather window you need to make the summit. The storm and winds sound like a challenge. Fingers crossed for you in London. Stay safe and enjoy. Love, Brid and Pete x

Unknown said...


Sounds like it is hard going. Fingers crossed you get the weather window you need to progress. We are rooting for you in wet London (although sun is promised for the weekend).
Stay safe and enjoy,
Brid and Peterx