Monday, July 8, 2013

Denali Teams 7 & 8 - Safe Return!

Denali Team 7 - June 16 - July 8
Guides: Mark Cionek, Aili Farquhar, Braden Downey
Climbers: Eric Cholis, Ian Stewart, Mark Horrell, Courtney Cholis, Nick Loring, Paolo Eugeni, Timothy Jowett, Neil Kapur, Charmain Broderick

Denali Team 8 - June 18 - July 8
Guides: Ben Gardner, John Prud'homme, Kai Girard
Climbers: Clair Morrissy, Marcus Hassler, Mike Dilworth, Marcos Bogado, Luis Antonio, Stefan Reinhold, Carlos Santalena, Karim Nseir, Patrick Montoyo, Kerry Herman, Fiona Muntz

Both Ben and Mark called in a few minutes ago to let us know that everyone is safely off the mountain and back in Talkeetna!  After a bit of tense waiting during the nasty weather, they can all relax and celebrate now.  Congratulations to all our Guides and Teams for another great season on Denali.

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Pit Crew said...

Glad you're all safe and back in Ttown. Looking forward to the stories. Soon.

Signed your Pit Crew