Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 5 (May 30 - June 19) Dispatch 10

June 9, 2016


Andrew Yasso
Zach Lovell
Will Gordon


Rob Parker
Sanni Rannikko
Phil Simonet
Irma Vijn
Tjark de Vries
Stefan Jorritsma
Mark Munsters
Maaike Braat

AAI lead guide Andrew Yasso called last night to let us know that Team 5 is still up at Camp 3 and doing well.

They are looking forward to potentially making a cache above the fixed lines tomorrow (Friday), as their weather is looking promising. Hopefully this will put them in a good position to move further up the mountain in the coming days!


Unknown said...

Good luck Rob! Matt H

Sue simonet said...

Sending prayers for safe summit for all and good weather, I know you're getting close!! Best of luck Team 5!!