Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 5 (May 30 - June 19) Dispatch 12

June  13, 2016


Andrew Yasso
Zach Lovell
Will Gordon


Rob Parker
Sanni Rannikko
Phil Simonet
Irma Vijn
Tjark de Vries
Stefan Jorritsma
Mark Munsters
Maaike Braat

AAI lead guide Andrew Yasso called last night. Team 5 had made it back down to Camp 3 by yesterday evening. They were resting briefly, fueling up, and prepping themselves for the long trek back town to Base Camp.

Due to the encroaching weather, Team 5 had decided to move through the night so they could make it down the mountain faster and hopefully fly off later today or tomorrow (before the weather moves in and prevents them from leaving). We wish them safe travels down the mountain and hope to hear of their safe return to Talketna shortly.

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