Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 6 (June 6 - 26) Dispatch 10

June 22, 2016


Paul Ivaska
Jim Mediatore
Angela Henderson


Gerard Hackett
Jeb Burchenal
Michael Henry
Timo Smuts
Cyprian Z
John Carswell
Hideyasu Nishi

AAI lead guide Paul Ivaska called this afternoon. Team 6 had moved up to High Camp (17,300 ft) on Monday and were hoping to summit today.

Unfortunately the weather had changed and it was a bit windy (30-50 mph winds at the summit), so the team spent their time building snow walls and fortifying camp. The forecast has the winds dying down and the weather is looking good for a summit attempt hopefully on Thursdsy (6/23/16).

Everyone on the team is doing well and they are all anxious about their summit attempt tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed.

Best of luck to Team 6 tomorrow, we're all looking forward to hearing from them soon!


Joanne said...

Almost there Cyprian!!! Hope you and your team have a successful summit today.

Unknown said...

Did you make it Punch (John Carswell)?!