Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 7 (June 13 - July 3) Dispatch 11

June 28, 2016

Andy Stephen
Jeremy Devine


Steve Jacobs
Teija Sirko
Alan Millard
Mike Snelling
James Black

Team 7 dispatch June 28- we are sitting at camp 3 again, waiting out weather and eating tons of food to Lighten our loads to basecamp. We are planning on heading out to basecamp tonight while the lower glacier is Still frozen. Being the last AAI trip on the mountain, we are taking extra gear down with us that has been Used by previous trips, so it will be a difficult night, but we will be drinking celebratory beer for breakfast at basecamp tomorrow morning while we wait for our flight back to civilization. Cheers! -Andy

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Anonymous said...

Well done Team 7!
Congrats on achieving the summit! We are awaiting news of you safe return!
Liz and Trevor