Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Ecuador Cotopaxi Skills Expedition and Chimborazo Ascent (May 05-18, 2018) Dispatch 3

Guide: Diego Zurita

Climbers: Marina K., Dale W., Micaleila D., Nicholas W., Renn S.

Dispatch from Day 11-15:

Members of the May 4th Ecuador trip called with the following news:

"Hello! This is Renn. I'm calling to report a great success on Chimborazo and to let you know each of us is having a fantastic time. We just came off the 20,703-foot summit of this huge peak, and we are super jazzed.

The weather was beautiful and the conditions were excellent until the last 100 meters to the summit. There the weather turned – what shall we say – 'inclement?' No, let's call it a total whiteout and a blizzard. Nonetheless, everyone made it to the top safely. It was a little uncomfortable, but we had lots of layers and stayed warm enough. It was a little crazy up there after so much time in great conditions. 

Climbers on the summit of Chimborazo

Here's Marina."

"We're down in beautiful BaƱos for the evening and an easy day tomorrow. In the morning we'll relax, explore the town and sites nearby, and in the afternoon probably go to the hot springs, and maybe get a message. This is all quite a fun contrast to the high alpine area where we just were. Here's Diego."

"Well – we've had a great trip together. We've done a lot of excellent climbing as a team and we've had a lot of fun. We're pleased to be able to report our success. Thanks for reading our news!"

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