Sunday, May 27, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 2 (May 13 - June 2, 2018) Dispatch From May 27th


Chad Cochran
Jim Mediatore
George Bieker


Jacob Shaw
Daniel Tucker
Janice Schmidt
Jeff Iezzi
Catherine Hibberd
Leah Jay
Richard Pullan
Qaisra Saeed

Denali Team 2: Day 14, Today Chad and George ran a minimal cache to 17,000 feet under less than ideal circumstances. The rest of the team put the finishing touches on their high camp kits. P.s. “Jefe, No moose at squirrel. Lets see who can close first. Texas Fight!” -Jefito

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Anonymous said...

go go Jeff! we miss you at work but very excited to follow the updates and rooting for you! Today it's 27°C at the office and for a change it is not my doing! Summer is waiting for you back home but keep tight and keep pushing! El Santo te espera :)