Monday, May 21, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 3 (May 20 - June 9, 2018) Dispatch 2


Paul Ivaska
Ian Mceleney
Katlynne Schaumberg


Xiao Han
William Martin
Chase Bradshaw
Joshua Martin
Michael Knittel
Cory Brooks
Kenneth Morand
James Stewart
Ralph Eberts

From AAI guide Ian Mceleney:

Good evening, this Ian from AAI Denali team 3 and we are calling you from Camp 1 (7,800ft). Yesterday was our day to fly in. The weather looked a little questionable, but K2 Aviation got us into Base Camp. We sorted through our mass pile of gear and and made a strong move to Camp 1 before it got too hot. It’s cleared up quite a bit for us so now we can rest this evening and prepare to put our cache in around 10,000ft later tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

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