Monday, May 21, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 2 (May 13 - June 2, 2018) Dispatch 8


Chad Cochran
Jim Mediatore
George Bieker


Jacob Shaw
Daniel Tucker
Janice Schmidt
Jeff Iezzi
Catherine Hibberd
Leah Jay
Richard Pullan
Qaisra Saeed

Denali Team 2: Day 8. Today the team moved supplies up to 13,000' in preparation for our move to Camp 3 at 14,000'. The weather was beautiful to start the day and windy corner definitely lived up to its name. A few shout outs for the day: Jeff would like to Yeti call to his Mother, and Janice says, “Where is Ron he's missing the Oreos and Snickers”.


JT said...

Congrats on your successful caching trek to 13! (It sounds like y'all might've had some nice views this mornin'.) Herr Iezzi, please say "Howdy" to Squirrel Hill for me on y'all's ascension to 14 Camp. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Go Leah! We are thinking of you every day, Love Team Leah Jay xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes mum (@Leah).... thinking of you always but especially today as we celebrate 1 year since you reached the top of Everest. We have everything crossed that you guys have clear weather offering you the best chance to reach the top. Go well and have fun xxx